ROI Dashboard

ROI – 2.1X engagement, 11+ hrs a month saved! Navigate the marketing funnel for social media success and ROI.By understanding each stage of the marketing funnel and implementing actionable insights, Someli AI let’s you optimize your social media efforts for maximum return on investment. Our AI will keep refining to help deliver insights, for your […]


DASHBOARD WITH INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS Gain actionable insights into your social media performance.  Someli’s mission control room brings your metrics to help gauge your current standing and guide strategic decisions for future content creation for your business’ online  success by your ability to harness the potential of social media metrics. MISSION CONTROL Gain actionable insights […]


LIBRARY Crafting an endless library tailored to your brand voice.Imagine having a tireless companion constantly curating content, understanding your brand voice, and seamlessly building a vast library of posts for your business. Yes, your own personal social media assistant to help curate and create all your posts. It’s social media made easy!With Someli by your […]

Content planner

CONTENT PLANNER The future of content creation is here – receive fully curated, AI-generated posts directly to your online content planner every week. It’s effortless automation at your fingertips! Just review and approve with minimal effort. Someli’s Content Planner is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer. Experience the convenience of professionally designed templates, customizable […]

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