Someli stands for Social Media Library.

Someli acts as your own social media AI assistant that learns your business over time and continues to auto-generate relevant, engaging, educative, and entertaining content and creatives and help build a vast online library specifically for you and your business.


Imagine your own endless library of ready-editable posts all nicely branded. Just select a post from the library, reschedule it or edit the text from your content library and approve for publishing. It’s effortless automation with artificial intelligence (AI).

Someli helps small business owners and busy professionals automate several aspects of their social media marketing and management. Making it all effortless. Once Someli AI learns your business, subjects, services, and branding, it auto creates content, strategy, and posts for your to review and approve. Imagine your online content calendar filled up with the next few weeks posts ready for you to review and approve!


Once you approve, Someli auto-publishes, tracks, and monitors the performance, delivers insights and actionable steps! It’s marketing on autopilot with your own AI assistant.


Someli delivers content and strategy that makes your business look good professionally online.

Someli automates your social media visibility, with consistency, to help scale your brand online. Trial Someli and watch it learn your business.

Yes, absolutely!

Goals Someli addresses

- Increase visibility & awareness of your business and achieving reach

- Increase consistency in posting and publishing to achieve staying on top of minds

- Increase followers to your social media pages

- Increase connections 

- Increase engagement through smart and creative content


Someli ai delivers content that resonates and aligns with your strategy and desired goals.


With Someli eveything’s in one place.

Someli will:

Create the best social media strategy for your business

Write all the content

Put the content into high quality templates designs

Give you two weeks of posts in your content planer – all ready-editable

Auto-publish your posts at the days/times you approve

Monitor and analyze performance with insights and recommend actionable steps


Its social media on autopilot! Someli is REAL VALUE FOR MONEY when it comes to social media presence and brand building.

Someli can auto-publish across these social channels at present:

- Linkedin

- Facebook

- Instagram

- x (Twitter)


Someli will soon also publish across youtube, Tiktok, Instagram reels, and google my business

Someli can assist small businesses and busy professionals 100+ industries/subjects to automate their social media marketing efforts. Particularly it can assist the following business industries very well.


- Travel
- Real Estate
- Recruitment
- Accounting
- HR (Human Resources)
- Life Coaching
- Financial Planning & Wealth management
- General Insurance
- Logistics & Freight
- Dentists
- Nurseries
- Health & Wellness
- IT
- Interior design
- Fitness & Yoga
- Photography
- SPA/Beauty Salon
- Florists
- Jewelers
- Veterinary
- Company formation/Business setup

Once you have signed up, Someli can have your content planner filled up in a matter of minutes. Once you sign-up, six back, relax and have a cup of coffee and wait for your high-quality posts to appear. You can start reviewing, approving, and publishing right away by just connecting your social accounts and business pages. It’s that easy.
Someli runs off a powerful AI engine that is capable of generating endless amounts of content unique to you and your business. All content provided by someli for your business and services is uniquely conditioned for you and placed into your branded post templates. Each post/content is fully-editable and needs your approval for publishing.
If you don’t like a particular content or post (or post design), no problem, simply click “Replace” on that particular post and Someli will take you to the library for you to see lots more content/posts for you to select from to replace. Or simply use Someli’s AI editor to generate alternative content that suits your desire. Each new content is provided with a header, main body of the post, and a side write up. Even the prompts are provided to help you get alternative content without thinking too much. It’s so simple to get content and posts made by someli and takes a matter of minutes to make a post.

Quite simply put, there’s no other AI automation tool at low cost that acts as your accountability partner in growing your business online out there today!


But here are 8 good reasons to have Someli for your online marketing:


  1. Someli AI understands best practices for social media strategy: What content is required for the 3 E’s of marketing. What content addresses your audience as they need to understand it, not as you explain it. How many hashtags to use and what amount of hashtags social media algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X consider as spamming. What are the  optimal times of posting to reach a larger target audience for your industry. What are the things to consider when branding your posts. It carries on, but you get the picture.
  2. Content that’s relevant and tailored: Someli runs of a powerful and intelligent AI engine that constantly learns. Understanding everything there is to know about how to put best social media practices in place relevant to your business and services. That is key. The ultimate mission of Someli is to grow your business online by making it look good. To build credibility through smart content and ensure consistency in messaging and visibility.
  3. Saving you time: Someli automates up to 90% of the time, skill, and effort required to do social media marketing. Saving time is saving money. Just work out your hourly rate and multiply this by the number of hours you should be spending on social media to grow your brand online.
  4. Monitors and understands post-performance metrics. Someli AI monitors and tracks the performance of your social media posts using a variety of key metrics and displays this via a simple and easy to understand display. These include a variety of engagement and follower growth metrics. By providing insights Someli AI empowers businesses to understand and optimize their social media strategies, and achieve marketing objectives with efficiency.
  5. Delivers insights with actionable steps: Utilizing a data-driven approach, Someli AI understands various social media metrics and delivers actionable steps to improve performance across these key areas. For instance, if engagement metrics are low, Someli AI might recommend experimenting with different types of content formats or posting at optimal times to increase audience interaction. In the case of low reach or impressions, Someli AI might suggest refining targeting parameters.
  6. Acts as your Social media manager and accountability partner: Providing comprehensive support and guidance to optimize your social media presence. And acting as your manager, Someli oversees many aspects of your social media strategy, from content creation and scheduling to performance tracking and analysis. It ensures that your social media activities align with your business objectives and resonate with your target audience. As your accountability partner, Someli is accountable for helping you achieving social media goals by providing regular updates on performance metrics, highlighting areas for improvement, and delivering actionable insights. By leveraging its AI capabilities, Someli streamlines your social media management process, empowers you to make data-driven decisions, and ultimately helps you achieve greater success in your online marketing efforts.
  7. AI stays updated: Keeping up-to-date with the trends, developments, releases, and offerings across various industries. Someli AI helps maintain an edge and drive success with in your social media efforts.
  8. Simple, user-friendly interface: Someli features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy and enjoyable to explore recommendations and discover new things.

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