Rajiv Shah is the CEO, Middle East, for Someli, a platform that is helping individuals and small businesses with their social media automation through AI. Someli, stands for Social Media Library. Someli runs off a poweful ai engine whose goal is to help its customers build their own library of social media posts and videos for various industries and automate publishing across various social channels. Rajiv says that the platform carefully curates strategy of content needed to engage, educate, and inform social audiences on numerous topics within their specific industry. Excerpts from an interview:

The Conception of Someli:

The concept of Someli stemmed from a critical observation of the need for a tool that takes away effort, skill and time in managing social media marketing for small businesses and busy professionals and creating a valuable online presence which is consistent.  “After personally having an already plateful of work and needing to consistently maintain social media presence, the challenge was clear – The question then became – How to create a library of posts accessible to certain industries and professionals” says Rajiv. There was also a need to harness the power of AI and automation to provide meaningful social media management without effort and skill. Where content and posts were auto generated in scale and made available for just reviewing and approving. “Someli was born out of the desire to bridge that gap, to empower businesses with a tool that provides access to a vast library of AI and auto generated posts relevant to the client’s industry, subjects, and topics with then, actionable intelligence.”

Someli: The product

Someli is more than a saas product; it’s a culmination of innovation, and a deep understanding of the transformative potential of AI and automation. It stands as an intelligent companion and your social media accountability partner, supporting and achieving marketing, brand building, consistent visibility with far outreach, through to generating insights that fuel strategic decision-making. Someli is about empowering our clients to unlock the potential of growing small businesses and scaling online presence with little effort, time, skill, and cost.

Leadership traits

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the key leadership traits that drive both personal and business success for Rajiv are resilience, vision, and the ability to build and nurture a cohesive team. “We have forged partnerships that enhance our agility and extend our capabilities worldwide to take advantage of the global talent pool and enable tackling our project with flexibility and budget. My leadership philosophy centers on fostering an environment that encourages (ICCL) innovation, collaboration, communication, and learning.”

“My inspiration to pursue a business in the technology industry stemmed from the belief that a good saas platform and library could be a force for solving small business marketing problems through innovation and automation. Our journey has been shaped by collaboration with visionary investors who share our passion for innovation. A strong investor network is a testament to the trust they place in our vision and the potential they see in the impact of our platform solution.”

Overcoming failure

It’s all about learning, adapting, and evolving. Continuous learning is non-negotiable in the fast-paced SAAS industry. Embracing new ideas, methodologies, and technologies is not just a philosophy; it’s a survival strategy, but hand on heart it’s made easier by the supportive specialist team we have and nurture constantly to adapt to ever changing situations within our business.

Technology startups

When working on your project, always know that timelines are not just benchmarks; they’re lifelines. Startups must navigate the delicate balance between speed to market and delivering a product that truly addresses the core needs of their audience. So understanding the urgency of user needs and the market landscape is fundamental. Features that are indispensable to your users today can set the stage for growth and sustainability. My advice is that every additional feature should be scrutinized for its immediate impact, aligning with the startup’s core objectives.

Success mantras

According to Rajiv, the key learning has been to foster an environment where every team member’s strengths are recognized and leveraged, and to create a vision that acts as a guiding light to shape our journey.

The most rewarding moment

“Witnessing the impact of Someli on many clients’ social media effectiveness has been immensely rewarding. Especially for busy entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft but they struggle to establish a significant and constant online presence or create interesting content.” Someli has been instrumental in automating impactful social media posts tailored to each business’s unique identity. Enabling them to look good professionally online and build their social media presence at low-cost. “This showcases the technological impact of AI in providing users with valuable and impactful content as well as automation.”

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